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The Northeast monsoon of 2015 was one that broke records of damage and rainfall received in Chennai for the last 100 years. Never has Chennai seen rainfall of this magnitude and hence the people of Chennai including ourselves were not prepared for it. The two storms that caused damages and losses ranging between US$ 7-10 billion. It was the costliest to have occurred this year.

Our company and its surroundings also suffered heavy losses as water was everywhere and many people were left with no food or home for days together. While trying to get our firm back up and running, we took it upon ourselves to help the people around our company as well.

We launched Sankar Flood Relief Program as a means to serve the people and provide them with food and basic essentials for their livelihood. Most of the shops and grocery stores had started spiking the rates of the goods that they were serving especially food items as there was a shortage and huge demand for the same as transportation took a huge toll as most of the roadways were flooded.

Our program provided food for 10 days as well as provided other basic essential supplies that would last for a month.

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