• Cylinder Head Gaskets

    Cylinder Head Gaskets

    • Metal Perforation reinforced materials
    • Steel Backbone
    • Multi Metal Layer Gasket Laminations (M.L.S)
    • Sandwiched Materials
    • Silicon RTV printed etc
    • Intergrated Rubber Moulded Solid Metal Gaskets
  • Exhaust and Turbo Gaskets

    Exhaust and Turbo Gaskets

    • Cemjo Gaskets
    • Stainless steel (half / full bead Design/ Multi-layer design)
    • Sandwich Gasket
    • High Temperature – Alloy Gaskets
  • Compressor Gaskets

    Compressor Gaskets

    • Aluminum with Honey Comb Silicon printing gaskets
    • Rubber coated steel gaskets
    • Non Asbestos gaskets
  • Rocker Cover Gaskets

    Rocker Cover Gaskets

    • Sandwich gaskets
    • MLS Reusable gaskets
    • Rubber Mold gaskets with Metal Insert Type gaskets
    • Plastic molded gaskets
  • Rubber Gaskets

    Rubber Gaskets

    • O– Rings
    • Valve stem seal
    • Oil Seals
    • Rubber Molded Oil Sump Gaskets
    • Tappet cover Gaskets Rubber Components for Automotive Application
    • Rubber Extruded parts.
  • Secondary Soft Gaskets

    Secondary Soft Gaskets

    • Soft non-asbestos gasket for intake manifold
    • Water and oil sealing purpose non-asbestos and Metal Laminated gasket for oil cooler applications
    • Cork and Rubber Composite Gaskets for Sealing and Damping applications
    • Rubber molded steel backbone oil sump gasket for dynamic oil sump designs
    • Spiral Wound Gasket.
  • Heat Shields

    Heat Shields

    • Embrella Heat Shield (trademark to be there)
    • ALS Heat Shield
    • Thermocut Heat Shields

    Specially Designed Multi-Layer Aluminized Steel Heat Shields Material for Exhaust Manifold and Turbo Charger Applications.

  • Full Overhaul Gasket Kits

    Full Overhaul Gasket Kits

  • NVH Products

    NVH Products

    Noise, Vibration & Harshness Reduction Products. Specially designed Quiet Steel Dampers for Oil sump, Front Timing Cover, Manifolds Damping Applications.

    • Sound Trap Dampers
    • Mechanical Fastening Dampers
    • Pressure sensitive Dampers
  • Spacer and Liner Shims

    Spacer and Liner Shims

    • Full hard shims (SS/ Brass)
    • Rubber coated steel shims
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